Lease Options

Amarillo Building Office Suite Options

2018 Tenants

Lobby Office

Cumulus Broadcasting, L.L.C. Suite 100
Amarillo Bulls Suite 101
Amarillo Building, LLC Suite 102
Law Offices of Nelson & Nelson, P.C. Suite 102
Thirty-Nine 23 Management, LLC Suite 102

North Tower Offices

Expio Consulting, LLC Suite 220 A&B
Trigg General Construction Suite 220 E
Davis Family Investment Partnership Suite 340
Packard, Hood, Johnson & Bradley, LLP Suite 350
LJK Investments Suite 410
Dale Buckner, Inc. Suite 420
Adair Buckner Suite 422
INSURICA DFB Insurance Services, LLC Suite 500
Vaavia Edwards Suite 620
Alex Vasquez Suite 640 A
A. Carson Smith, Attorney at Law Suite 640 C
Rotary Club of Amarillo Suite 640 D
James A. Besselman, PC Suite 640 F
William A. Hoy Suite 640 G
Nurse – Family Partnership Suite 660
Coalition of Health Services, Inc. Suite 740
Howe Properties, LLC Suite 860
BrandInc, LLP Suite 865
34 T Holding, LLC Suite 870

South Tower Offices

Texas Office of the Attorney General Suite 200
Mark Haworth Suite 300
Everett Hurst Suite 330
Packard, Hood, Johnson & Bradley, LLP Suite 375
Matthew Zac Rose and Thomas Everett Rose Suite 400
Barbee Exploration Suite 450
Nita and Wales Madden III Suite 501
Horton, Skaggs & Head Suite 515
North Country Energy, LLC Suite 525
Johansson and Associates Suite 540
INSURICA DFB Insurance Services, LLC Suite 600
Amarillo Symphony Suite 700
CareNet Pregnancy Centers Suite 775
Doshier Pickens & Francis, LLC Suite 800